Historical Knowledge Article : Could Majapahit An Islamic Empire? Hidden facts about the kingdom of Majapahit

Historical Knowledge Article : Could Majapahit An Islamic Empire? Hidden facts about the kingdom of Majapahit

New facts about the kingdom of Majapahit was found that the elements of Islam in the kingdom.

Historical speculation also leads to the possibility that the Majapahit Kingdom was established by Raden Wijaya was an Islamic kingdom. But clearly, this new initial assumptions. Indispensable to serious further study to uncover the historical truth of the archipelago. During this time, we fed that is a kingdom of Majapahit’s largest archipelago with a broad influence. This assumption has been disputed by some historians. Then came this new discovery. Hopefully this is a way to break the historical truth of Indonesia highly colored by the biases of the colonial. Happy listening!

A historian once said that history is a version or point of view of people who make it. This version depends on the intention or motivation of the manufacturer. Perhaps this also occurs with Majapahit, a vast ancient empire that ever existed in the country now called Indonesia. His power stretched wide to encompass most of the countries now known as Southeast Asia.

However, there is something ‘odd’ about the royal ruins relics of his past greatness can still be found in this region Trowulan Mojokerto. Since its entry into primary school, we’ve treated to an understanding that is a Hindu kingdom of Majapahit largest ever in the history of past Nusantra islands, now known as Indonesia. This is something that feels strange. Understanding of history is forgotten as diverse archaeological evidence, sociological and anthropological related to Majapahit, if ingested, and is understood to be ‘honest’ will reveal a shocking fact at the same time also broke the understanding that has developed so far in the history of the public treasury of the archipelago.

‘Anxiety’ of this kind may motivate ‘Study Team Majapahit Empire’ from the Institute for Public Policy & Wisdom (LHKP) Regional Board of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta to conduct a review of the history of Majapahit. After a long struggle with a variety of fact-archaeological data, sociological and antropolis, the team then publish it in an earlier book titled ‘Majapahit Empire, The Hidden History Facts’.

This book published to date has been limited, mainly to meet Congress A Century of Muhammadiyah in Yogyakarta some time ago. Majapahit history is known so far in the history of the community is tailored to the interests of the invaders (the Netherlands) who want to continue to fester in the archipelago.

As a result, the past history associated with this area is made for this purpose. It can also be analogous to the history of the PKI (Indonesian Communist Party). History related to the communist party made ​​this future New Order is different from the PKI made ​​history in the era of the Old Order and even the current reform era. This is as it pertains to their individual interests in making history.

In the context of Majapahit, the Dutch are concerned to master the archipelago which is predominantly Muslim. For this reason, were created the understanding that the Majapahit who became the pride of the people of Indonesia is the kingdom of Hindu and Islam entered the archipelago in the past by breaking the order that has developed and exists in society.

What is revealed by this book certainly has evidence of facts and data that had been hidden or deliberately hidden. Some facts and data that strengthens the belief that the kingdom of Majapahit, is actually a Muslim kingdom, or empire of Majapahit were as follows:

1. Found or the presence of gold coins bearing the Majapahit which the words ‘La ilaha illa-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah’. Such coins can be found in the Museum of Majapahit in the region Trowulan Mojokerto East Java. Coins are the official means of payment in force in a region of the kingdom. Thus it can be said that it is not possible for a Hindu kingdom has an official means of payment in the form of gold coins bearing the words of Tawheed.

2. On the tombstone Sheikh Maulana Malik Ibrahim, who is known as the first mayor in the system ‘Wali Songo’ who spread Islam in the Land of Java, there is a paper stating that he was a Qadi or judge the religion of Islam the kingdom of Majapahit. Thus it can be said that Islam is the official religion professed by the Majapahit, because it has a Qadi in a kingdom, to serve as a judge of religion and religious adviser to the field for an Islamic sultanate, or kingdom.

3. On the emblem of Majapahit in the form of eight rays of the sun there are some Arabic writing, ie shifat, asthma, ma’rifat, Adam, Muhammad, Allah, monotheism and Essence. The words that have Arabic beraksara among the rays of the sun symbol on this Majapahit.

For a closer understanding of the Majapahit this symbol, the logo can be seen at the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, or can be viewed on the logo used Muhammadiyah. Thus it can be said that the real is the Kingdom of Majapahit Empire of Islam or Muslims for using the official logo and use Islamic symbols.

4. Majapahit founder, Raden Wijaya, is a Muslim. This is because Raden Wijaya was the grandson of the King of Sunda, King Master Dharmasiksa who were also scholars of Islam that teaches life Pasundan concerned as Sufi teachings, while his grandmother is a Muslim, descended from the ruler of Srivijaya. Although the title Kertarajasa Jayawardhana, highly nuanced Sanskrit Hinduism because it uses, but not necessarily be a justification that he is a Hindu.

Sanskrit in the past commonly used to provide a high tribute to someone, let alone a king. Even this degree as it is still used by the Muslim kings of Java, such as the title of Hamengku Buwono and Paku Alam in Yogyakarta, and Pakubuwono in Solo.

In addition, Gajah Mada who became duke of Majapahit, which is very popular especially with the ‘Oath Palapa’ it turned out to be a Muslim. This is because the original name was Gaj Ahmada, an Islamic scholar who devoted his ability to be a regent in the kingdom of Majapahit. It’s just easier to mention that usually apply in the Java community, then used Gajahmada only. Thus, the writing of Gajah Mada is: Gajahmada, not ‘Gajah Mada ‘.

At the cemetery headstone Gajahmada in Mojokerto, there is the word ‘LaIlaha Illa-Allah Muhammad Rasulullah’ which indicates that the duke of the community commonly known as Sheikh Mada after his resignation as regent Majapatih is a Muslim.

5. If the facts above are still associated with internal Majapahit, the following facts relating to the history of the world globally. As we know that in 1253, the Mongol army led by Hulagu Khan invaded Baghdad. As a result, the Middle East are in a situation that raged and got stuck in an uncertain conflict.

The next impact was the mass exodus of Muslims from the Middle East, especially the descendants of the Prophet is commonly known by the name ‘Allawiyah. This group mostly to the area Nuswantara (Archipelago), which is known to have places where exotic and rich with natural resources, then settle and breed in this place. From the descendants of these immigrants, most of the rulers diverse archipelago kingdom come, without exception Majapahit.

Here’s some evidence of facts and data, which revealed that the real Islam Majapahit Empire was in power in most of the area now known as Southeast Asia. Once again it is proven that the history of versions, depending to what history is made ​​and of course it contains a variety of interests.

Bishshawab Allaah knows best. Only God the All-Knowing ….


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