The whole thing that we see as matter in fact nothing more than photons. Photons are light particles with varying wavelengths. These waves propagate toward us and turned into electrical signals when they arrive at the retina in our eyes. Electrical signals as it moves along a predetermined path and eventually reach the visual center in the brain. And there the waves gives the assumptions in a way that is extraordinary: We believe that what we see really are there, and there really is a television or a skyscraper in front of us.

No matter how convinced an image of the skyscraper, what you perceive as matter in fact nothing more than electrical signals. And the image formed in your brain, not in front of you. Actual image of skyscraper building that is outside will never reach you. Anything that you perceive, as electrical signals, is the light waves emitted from the building. In other words, what you see is nothing more than light waves and electrical signals. Thus, throughout life you only see an illusory image of the skyscraper, and is not a real skyscraper. Though an illusion, however, the image remains very clear and there is no defect in appearance. It is difficult to realize the fact that the image consists only of electrical signals. These images were created so perfectly in the brain that it’s almost impossible to distinguish the actual building. It is the perfection of the artwork of God Almighty.

Miracles are created every day, every moment in the human brain. Although only electrical signals reach the brain, and although part of the brain is pitch black and although the area measuring only so many square centimeters, all the mountains, seas, fields, the ceiling, the garbage that is not inexhaustible, houses, televisions, people, trees and other words all the things we see inside the brain. All of this color. But there is no color in the brain. All things bright and glowing there, but really there is no light in the brain, or even outside the brain. Everything there is noisy and has a lot of noise, but part of the brain completely silent. There are differences in the depth there; the stars seemed very far away, while a pencil we hold seemed close. But in reality all things have the same field in our brain and the same distance. The sun was thousands of miles in the distance. But the fact is right next to us, inside our brains. The reason why the sun is in our brains is because the image is merely an electrical signals. A body that we know to be thousands of miles actually created a space that measures just so many square centimeters.

Thus, the world we see is not the real material. We will never be in direct contact with the real material that’s out there. Our world is limited to what is displayed on the screen in our brains. Far from it, we can not guarantee whether the entity exists or not, as we can not guarantee whether the world created for us is the same as the real world out there.

The world we see is a world that God transmitted to our soul. No matter in the world, no hardness, softness, scent or color. There is only electrical signals. Allah makes electrical signals as the cause of the luminous and colorful world that He show to our spirit. And is a spirit, that He created for every human being, who perceive and interpret these images, happy, sad, hesitant, happy and miss, remember, love and joy in the world.

Jan 19, 2011


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