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General Terms and Conditions For Member Referral Program

1. Definition

1) This Referral Program is a marketing system ADVERTISING on the V & A Collections ( Our E-LIFESTYLE ) Site .

2) Member is a person in referall programs listed in the V & A Collections ( Our E-LIFESTYLE ) Site .

3) Prospects referral is Prospective customer who is submitted by the member, and have not yet registered as customer , and whether or not the process of managing or maintained by V & A Collections ( Our E-LIFESTYLE ) Admin .

4) Customer referrals are people who do advertising transactions at the V & A Collections ( Our E-LIFESTYLE ) Site, based on the reference of the member of record at the V & A Collections ( Our E-LIFESTYLE ) DATABASE Referral Member.

2. Member Registration

1) Fill in a complete and correct application form which we provide.

2) Form of approved applications will be communicated directly to you via e-mail.

3) V&A Collections ( Our E-LIFESTYLE ) Admin has the right to accept or reject submissions Referral Program membership.

3. General Provisions

1) The value of the currency valid for billing COMMISSION, is the Rupiah (IDR)

2) The Commission shall we pay to MEMBER, when the ADVERTISING effective installed on the V & A Collections (Our E-Lifestyle) Site.

3) MEMBER Referral Program will get the reward commission of 5% based on ‘Transaction Value of the ads placed ‘ by customers that have been referenced by the member concerned

4) Your COMMISSION valid for a period of time when the Ads is inserted on the V & A Collections (Our E-Lifestyle) Site, after the period ends and the customer to extend the advertising on this site , for your reference, the Commission is still remain to your property. (Read more about Advertising & Affiliate PROGRAMS here)

5) Payment of commission that we have done, will be notified via e-mail to you.

6) Admin V & A Collections (Our E-Lifestyle) the right to keep member information, AND NO, or UNKNOWN to the public.

7) Any Member who get Costumer, Please send us your Customer information via e-mail, Fill and write Your No. ID in the Subject E-MAIL, with the following format: REFERRAL NO. ID : 000123XX – Banner Ads




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