Indie Music’s Promo

Now…It’s your Opportunities !!

— ” We dedicate this page for developments ‘Indie Music’. Let us know the works and their creativity. This Page was also intended to bridge between Indie’s Musician with the Fans, Potential Fans and Music Producer. ” —

Indie derived from word : the Independent (often abbreviated to indie), can be interpreted as: ‘free’, ‘independent’ or ‘stand alone’.

Indie music is a music subculture that stands alone without the presence or absence of interference from the famous producers.

A great hope, hopefully ….. someday when the time and opportunity to support indie musicians promoting their existence through a site, can be as famous and as lucky as Musician and Band to the earlier well-known in this world.

Various opportunities will you get, among others:

  1. Your group will enter the network and our marketing system,
  2. No royalties should you provide to us on your album sales,
  3. We provide a single page, specifically for your Music Group Information,
  4. Available information  The Most Up to Date of Indie Band or Musician’s, and The Most Actively Visited Page by visitors ( avaliable Polling System on Your Own Page )
  5. Available opportunity to display Pictures and LOGO of your own Music Group Page,
  6. There is also an opportunity to Display & DOWNLOAD of your song’s Music Group creativity that you have, views on your Own Page
  7. etc.

If you are interested in Entering & Placing Information about the Music Group that you have at this site, to view details of  The Ordinances and Regulations, please Open HERE.

Below are the lists of ‘Indie Music Group ‘,’ Indie Musicians’, and ‘Indie Band’ are included in our network system :




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