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This site is dedicated to the development of programmers and their creations

Caution: Highly Recommended

After you have completed download the software & applications in the Playlist below, buy The Original. Let’s learn to respect other people’s work to support the existence of the
programmers / creators.
To save time and cost download pulse of your internet, part of the song list below in RAR format files. If you do not already have, please CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your attention and visiting

Online Virus Scan




NEW Version

Firefox V 3.6.3



( DOWNLOAD here )

Thunder Bird

( DOWNLOAD here )

( FireFox Theme, Open Here)


AUTO SubmitV1.8.exe

Automatic Adv. Poster Software

Guide / Tutorial of AUTO Submit V1.8



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  1. John Jones says:

    I am searching your site from last few days it is very intresting i found your site from google

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